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January 09, 2007



Love the page Trina. My six year old has her moments lately too.


oh wow it came out awesome Trina...........LOVE it + it was fun watching the result with the paint.......hehehe.
Loved catching up with you + meeting your gorgeous wee guy Daniel + your rather funny big guy!!! I so wish I got a pic of you + Daniel now !!! I didn't pull that camera out once!!
Hey I so hear you about the kids + their behaviour atm!!!
You still sound so busy but very happy in your new space. And congrats on finding a NEW bottle - must make life that bit easy!!
Fantastic seeing you :)

Chris M

That's a terrific layout Trina! Love the multiple photos and those shoes look fab!
Well, I was just chatting on the scrapping group I'm on today about the major problems we have every night with Annaliese at dinner time! You are so right, we just battle on with these things each and every day and most readers would never know about these things and think that life was completely rosey!LOL And yes, we do do that on purpose as this is our escape and time to feel like ourselves again on our blog and not like a Mummy I suppose! But there are definitely times that we need to vent it all too! I think kids also like to test us when they know we are more vulnerable, like when a new baby has come along, we've just moved house etc! Hang in there mate!

Tracey Laurence

You're so right. Some days I go to bed at night and the 2 younger kids have just wound each other up all day and I feel like I'm a record that noone is listening to. And I feel horrible because I feel as I have said one nice thing all day.

PS love you layout. Girls just have this thing about one precious objects!! Cute!! Shaes the same!! LOL!!

Tracey Laurence

sorry spelling:

I feel as if I haven't said one nice thing all day!

karen -girlfriday

It's good to have a place to focus on the positive though, isn't it. Hang in there! Love the *finished* layout : was great to watch you working on it.


I agree Trina. I always felt it was the terrible threes, not the two's!Thye are cute, they are funny and they are a lot of work!


Well done for writing it all down. Miss 7 started at 18 months and then came right about 3. Miss 3 was a breeze until she hit 3. She is 3 sleeps away from 4 and we are looking forward to (sorry had to go and tell her off, water all over the lounge *sigh* LMAO) more positive changes. They are just stages and each kid is different. Last holidays I think I yelled the entire time. This holidays have been much better.


Donna  Meuli

Mmm, reality stinks doesn't it!! I don't think kids change alot - my experience is that as they grow older, they understand what they are doing more - not that that stops the cheek & answering back, but I am finding they know punishment and also talking & reasoning better. We have one boy who is full of answering back ATM and unfortunately his sister is copying. I don't remember feeling I could get away with so much when I was a kid?
Hang in there - I know it's harder with a baby as well so as Dan grows, I'm sure it won't seem so bad.
Also love your layout - gorgeous colours.
Look forward to catching up & chatting soon.


You are NOT alone! I think Sophie has been replaced by somekind of alien creature hell bent on making things difficult. I'm VERY glad I'm at work today.


Oooh there's my favourite shoe LO :)) Two's were easy and it just got harder from there. Yes they test the boundaries and mine still do - I don't think that will ever stop. The worst for me at the moment is the bickering - they know just how to push each others buttons and they do it superbly and all the time. I had a meltdown the other night and just walked away before I said something I would regret - why can't they just get on???

Sally M

Oh Trina. You might remember about a year ago was was having a lot of the same issues with Iain. You're right...all Mum's go through it.

If it gets to much, here is my advice (lol full of advice aren't I??).

Sit down with Andy and have a good chat about how you are both dealing with the kids. Come up with strateies to deal with each situation. Make sure you are both doing the same things. Etc.

Also....not sure if this is true for you at not. But I find that Iain's behaviour gets worse, when MY behaviour gets worse IYKWIM. If I am wuick to loose patience, then he responds by testing my patience etc. Sometimes it all seems like such hard work, but for me I find the harder I work the easier it is...if that makes sense.

Feel free to email me for a chat if you want.


Hi Trina
I love the way your lo turned out, sorry to hear you were having a rough time, glad to hear things are better now. Those kinds of days are the pits aren't they?

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