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January 23, 2007


Lyn Dwyer

Take it easy Trina........that's no good! Scarlet Fever can be very seriuos in adults!

What is a duathlon......is it running and cycling?
Sounds like you had a fun day....and what a bonus haviing your kids watching you! I bet you could hear them cheering "GO MUM".....

Meg McKenzie

WTG Trina on the duatholon! Hope you are feeling a little better, it's hard with wee people in the house when your sick, but thier cuddles are just the best medicine ever.....


Whassat? Scarlet fever???
But hey good going on the triathlon ... such a buzz to have your family there watching! And it was worth it to see the comet, don't you think? We went out to see it too ... and I got photos!!! :o)


Well done on competing the Duathlon, you do look as thought you had fun. Get better soon.

Maggie Bennett

Scarlett fever must be going round - my uncle has it also!! Hadn't heard of anyone getting it since 1970's! Look after yourself.


Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on finishing the duathalon WTG!! and I hope you are feeling so much better soon.

Donna  Meuli

Well done on the Duathalon!! Now GET BACK to bed & take it easy & get well!!


Go you on the duathalon! I'm really impressed at your perseverance especially with Dan still being little and taking up your time. Inspiring!

Can't believe scarlet fever is still around either ---> get. some. rest. lady.


sending sympathy I have the 'flu really bad!

Chris M

You're amazing Trina, being about to do the duathon and not be well. I hope you're resting up now missy!!!LOL Get well soon!


SHIT! I'll speak to you tonight when I get home. Many congrats on the duathlon. It's nice getting back into something again, especially when you remember just how much you enjoyed it.


firstly congrats on the Duathlon - you are truly amazing!!

Secondly - I thought the same thing re SF when DD contracted it a couple of years ago. Hope you are on the mend really soon.



woohooo congrats on doing a duathlon - awesome going!!!
hope your feeling better now + as I reading your post I just remembered one of my kids has had scarlet fever too awhile ago now though!
take it easy :)


You go girl - what an awesome effort getting through your duathon even when you're coming down with something. I hope you're feeling a lot better now :)

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