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November 10, 2006



It's not just Auckland drivers Trina ... http://girlfriday.wordpress.com/2006/09/05/claiming-my-entitlements/
I've had some near misses too.
Love that Dan is getting bigger than the bear!


Love the double-page layout. Great colours and lovely to know that it's about a special event/feeling. Glad you managed to add the photo to the post.


LOVE this layout!!! WAHOOO CBX!! great choice, and we will convert you yet LOL Bumma about Auckland drivers. Hubby has the same issues too but he is driving!! I swear the minute some drivers see an unusual car they have to try them on. I sigh every night when he gets home. Don't let them put you off your cycling. You are my hero!! I am struggling to get back into walking LOL


Good on you cycling Trina..some motorists are pricks alright ..excuse the language but they are! Keep going girl!
Love the double Lo especially for the topic as its what you need to journal..I havent done that yet on my miscarriage so good on you Trina and you have inspired me once again!

TraLife isn't about the breaths we take, it's about the moments that take our breath away. cy

Good on you for starting your training and getting out there.
I can just see you in the christmas shop when Sarah said that, that is so cute bought a tear to my eye!

Chris M

Oh dear Trina! That was a close call - bloody idiot drivers!!! (insert my cross face here!)
This is a gorgeous layout, it does feel good to document it doesn't it!?


Good on you for cycling again Trina, I've started too, but I am lucky enought not to live in a city so don't get those luneatic drivers that you encountered. Trust me, it is not just your end of the country. before we shifted down here there was always a close encounter on the roads, get this, one day a lady was coming around the roundabout the wrong way, ah, she had her blinker on though RAFLMAO.
Wow hasn't Dan grown so much, doesn't seem like three months. I adore your double layout, I must do one on when I had a miscarriage as well (not until you start reading bloggs etc that you realise there is a few of us in the same situation on this). thanks for prompting me.
Read your previous post as well, love Sarahs wee conversation, aren't they such wee sweeties sometimes. LOL


Nope def. not just NZ drivers grrr!!! The amount of near misses I see involving cyclists is ridiculous!! Glad you're OK though and none actually hit you.
Wow isn't Dan looking like a little man already - he is growing so fast :)
What a beautiful LO!

Donna M

How sad that I will probably never let my kids ride bikes to school! Stay safe Trina!
Can't believe how fast Dan has grown up. That's a lovely layout. Good for you documenting the sadder moments in your life - I know that's so hard to do.


Before getting pg I used to ride to work... I hated riding along the road and breathed a sigh of relief when I got to the cycleway which is cut off from the average motorist. It's really scary as a cyclist out there. Take care Trina! People just don't think! And sometimes I think they don't actually see either; too busy looking for cars they forget about bikes.

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