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November 23, 2006



WTG great looking invite. My dauhter turns four next week so I'm gonig to the kohanga earlier and string up some wool along the play ground and the kids just have to hold on to it and follow it. If they are older ie 4 nearly five then they get a blindfold as well. As long as its fun it happening... plus my girls a music freaks so that will be playing hard as well!! Enjoyed your blog today too


Oh MY! Just came across your blog and I am just adoring your style!!! LOVE LOVE it! You've got real talent girl!


Very thought provoking Trina. Love the invite, and as for party games, my little ones always loved pass the parcel.


At 3 my kids loved a treasure hunt, musical chairs, even pass the parcel. Give them some toys and they'll entertain themselves. At B's party we had a collage table and they decorated their own party hats.


Hey Trina,
It is funny how one thought can spark off another till like a domino effect your off thinking about a dogs ability to hear pitched sounds and you finish with wondering if the Queen Farts?

LOL Just teasing, sorry being totally stoopid.

How adorable finding the kidlets like that asleep on the floor, truly the littel things in life make the best memories. Those Invites are awesome! How funny asking you where you had them made, you should have made up a business name on the spot and taken orders..lol.

Sweet dreams :)



Lovely layouts and invites... like the introspection too.

Pass the parcel seems to be a game 3 yr olds "get". Also fishing for prizes with little fishing rods and paper clip hooks - just make sure the prizes are easily hooked. At Tim's party they seemed happy to just play with toys :)


Fantastic invites and I love your first layout. I have one similar LOL Party games for 3 year olds huh?? Statues?? you know when the music stops they have to stand still. Great playing loud and outside!! lol we found pass the parcel was too tricky at that age and they just didn't get it unless there were older kids playing too. Lolly hunts are always popular.

Have fun


hi Trina,

the kids at work love musical statues - everyone can win, you can either amke up cards with stick figures on them or someone can lead the actions. Pass the parcel can work but depends on how many younger ones are involved with our larger group of just 2 yr olds it does not work so well but 3 yr olds it does (wonder if that makes sense? email me if it doesn't). The fishing game rocks and is so easy to make.
Plus in the states they use to decorate their own cupcakes we do this at work too and they love it it becomes a comprtition of how many jelly babies or sprinkles can you fit on your cake this can be a little messy though.


Hey guys, thanks so much for all your ideas. LOVING them! Got lots to organise now. Eeeeek. LOL.


Hi Trina, gotta put in my two cents worth. I have been an avid reader of your blog now for such a long time! I love reading it, and love your layouts. So....as a nanny I have lots of kids games up my sleeves. How about tying donuts on the clothesline and letting the kids eat them with their hands behind their backs, even more fun if they do it in pairs! Another one is to buy lots of fruit sticks (or lollies - wrapped), send a grandparents out in to the garden to 'drop' them around. Then call the kids for a treasure hunt (don't forget to show them what they are looking for!). Another good one is 'statues', as they play at one at school generally. Ok, it's late, and I can't think of any more! Luv Jo

Chrissy Berry

Some great suggestions for your party Trina, alot I was going to suggest too (we're BIG on b'day parties in our household! LOL). The ones that went over best with all the 3 year old parties we've had are musical statues, decorate their own cupcakes, fairy bread and biscuits, lolly treasure hunts, decorate (collage) their own take home party bag, made glittered fairy wands (for one of Em's parties)...

I bet you're all going to have a *fabulous* time!! :D

Hugs n Love
Chrissy xx

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