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November 19, 2006



I think you are right in saying your kitchen is now obsolete, lol! What a monster! But what a great play box for the kids too!


I think he deserves the bbq after all the cool things he got for your birthday. Think of it as his toy.
How nice going to a crop, I sat next to Karen at CC06 and all I did was laugh too she is great to sit next too.


OMGOSH! That is the MOTHER of all BBQ's, how huge!
I WISH my hubby would go out and buy one like that!

A Box, arent they just the best, buy them a nice shiney brightly coloured cubby with all the bells and whistles and they would still love playing in the big ole Boxes! You should cut a door and some little windows.... I can just see their little faces peeking out of each side!

Too cute,



LOL at that barbecue. I think you can do away with the kitchen!! (Ken refused to get a barbecue for years because he said he knew *the barbecue is men's cooking*, then my brother - unaware - bought us bbq as a Christmas/thankyou present so we could have outside meals in the summer (when they're usually staying with us for weeks at a time LOL) ... poor Ken ... lucky us!) And lucky you!!
Love the box too. Great playhouse.
Great to have a laugh with you at Puke. Was not a very productive day for anyone LOL but love catching up :-)


Yep it does take up the whole kitchen. LOL. Great box for the kids. So lovely catching up with you and Dan in person. Oh boy what a cutie pie your boy is.



Right then, well be round next weekend!


The good news is he gets to do all the cooking now!

Just tracked you down to say I am seeing you everywhere you famous person you! Loved your BG newsletter layout. Cheering you on in the boxx comp too.

Happy week, Claire

Tracey Laurence

Looks like you could provided enough food for an army with that bbq LOL!!! Boys and their toys - they can never think small LOL!! Just came back from Scrapcamp and it was an absolute blast!! Awesome. Hopefully you can make it to the next one!!!


Far out! That is one big momma BBQ!

I hope he's brushing up his culinary skills... I'd be having some big expectations ;)

I've heard roasts are great done on the barbie.

Chris M

Crikey!! That's one heck of a BBQ!!! Well done Andy!!! Looks like a great weekend for you too Trina!!


Oh so funny! But at least you are reasonable about it, just more reason for you to increase the scrapping budget. Love the pics! Kids are just the funniest when they love a box more than a toy!

Elaine Curtis

Ha ha ha go uncle Andy. Trina you will never have to cook again. Did Uncle Andy put that thing together, at least it was a successful DIY it could have been much worse, I dont think any bigger but everything looks in tact.

Marie Noske

Now, THAT is a BBQ!!!


Oh dude he is divine. Love that pic! You both look fab and that game in the lounge looks awesome...can I come play?




LOL Not a wonder he sent you south to Pukekohe, so he could go out and buy the biggest bbq he could find! Hope you get lots of use out of it.
Georgous photo of you and Daniel and he was a delight on Saturday!
Nothing like a big old cardboard box to play in, probably worth buying the bbq for!


OMG would you look at the size of that BBQ!!!!!!!!!!! Far out Andy LMAO So awesome to catch up with you on Saturday and I just loved having cuddles with Daniel. He really was a good boy and if that little bout of 'I'm bored with all these females mum' crying was as bad as he gets then you are very lucky and he is a fantastic baby. OMG my girls could have screamed the house down when they were that age and Jess did LMAO He is more than welcome to come join us again. Gives me an excuse to wonder around checking out what everyone is doing and get cuddles at the same time. too cute


BOYS AND THEIR TOYS - that's all I'll say on the matter!!!!


OMG its huge!!! But hey, it's his new toy so I think he'll be the one cooking tea from now on!

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