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September 06, 2006



What an utterly fab idea and organisation. I wish there was something like that over here when my girls were babies.


Doula's are such a terrific idea Trina and how wonderful that the hospital system is thinking of working with them.
I was so lucky to have round the clock help from my Mum for the first week I was home which I really needed with Annaliese.
So glad you are feeling a bit calmer and not worrying about the uncontrollable now!
Love this photo of your Mum and Daniel! How precious!


What a great system Trina and such a lifesaver to new Mums.


Wow Trina what and awesome gift and idea. I think this is fantastic, I hope they can do something like this in Wellington. Next year DF and I are going to TTC and what scares me the most is being a mum and knowing what to do etc!! having a doula would kinda just put some things into perspective for you. Wow! Love the concept.


What a fantastic idea, good on you for putting the idea out there, I had never heard of Doulas' before and I am very interested to learn more.
Wonderful to hear that you are feeling great now, love the photo too!


Gorgeous photo Trina :) I am so glad to hear they are using Doula's in NZ now, my girlfriend in Scotland is a Doula and training to be a midwife and I thought it was such a fab idea especially for first time mums. Glad things are going a bit better for you this week. Hugs.

Sally M

What a great idea. But in Australia, a doula is a birth coach! Their organisation sounds fantastic.


Doulas sounds like a great thing for young mums whose own mums are miles aways from them etc...

Marie Noske

I've never heard of Doulas before, Trina. What a wonderful godsend they must be to mothers. I wish we had them here when I was the mother of a newborn.

You must be immensely proud of your mother. What an insightful woman she is!!!


what a wonderful thing for your mum to organise. And the Doulas sound fantastic. It would be fantastic to see more of them around NZ.
a what a lovely photo too of your mum + Daniel.

Donna  Meuli

Glad to hear you're sailing along fine now Trina! I wish I had known about Doulas after my children - what a fantastic lady your mum is! Catch up soon.

susan j

This Doula idea is FABULOUS!! Like I said to you I think there would be a HUGE market for this!! Trina, I am so glad you are over the BLUES. There are enough of us crazy people out here already!! (myself included of course)


So good to hear you are feeling better. And I love the idea of doulas. AWESOME!! My SIL is doing it so hard in the UK with absolutely no help and unfortuantely not much of her partners family close by able to help. This would be a fantastic idea for her too.

Elizabeth Munro

What a fantastic gift and a wonderful idea! So glad to hear you're feeling lots better too :))) Another beautiful of your mum and Daniel!!

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