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August 17, 2006



OMG - that first pic is absolutely adorable --- can't wait to see it scrapped .... & LOL @ you re internal heating!!!! Too funny. Daniel is gorgeous.


Gorgeous close up pics Trina! Poor you with the hormones and breastfeeding, I remember that all too clearly! Yay on the weightloss!!! How wonderful that Daniel is feeding so nicely!


Way to go on all those layouts! I could only wish, hehe. Those photos are just adorable - don't forget the little baby feet! There is just something about baby feet and fingers that just 'get' you. He seriously is one sweet little baby.


So glad tht Daniel is feeding and sleeping well. Thats awesome. Means you feel a bit more human huh?? He is just so darn cute and cuddly.


congrats on the layouts Trina. Great to hear Daniel is sleeping and feeding well


Congrats on the LOs Trina, which issue of FK are you going to be in? Love the pics. Both my 2 were summer babies so I was always glad when that internal furnace shut off!


Pics like that *almost* make me clucky again. he's just scrumptious Trina. Hey and congrats on all the pub requests. That's awesome!


Congrats Trina! So excited to hear that baby Daniel arrived safe and sound and is settling into home so well. He is gorgeous and you must be so proud to have made such a cute little fellow. Wishing you a speedy recovery and lts of sleep :)

Susan J

Oh he is so cute Trina!! You sound so happy and content that I have a huge smile on my face just reading your blog. ENJOY!! Congrats on all the acceptances too!! Woohoo.


love the close-ups ... are you *allowed* to be scrapping yet?
take care and avoid that chocolate milk! LOL


Oh what a gorgeous pic of a gorgeous little boy!

Donna M

Gorgeous!! Glad things are going well. WTG on the layouts. It's nearly spring so hopefully things will warm up for you LOL.


Wow a week already. Gorgeous pics Trina. Awesome about the layout acceptances. Loving my Elsie book.

Lydell Quin

CONGRATULATIONS Trina, He is so lovely. My sister has just had her little boy too, and I cuddled all day yesterday. Sheer bliss.
Hope all the hormone stuff settles soon. Not nice when you don't know where all the emotion is coming from!!! Hope all keeps going well for you anyway. x

Sally M

Oh Trina! Stop taking such beautiful pictures!! Just yell if you need any emotional support with the breastfeeding.

Nic Howard

Congrats on the scrapping acheivement and congrats on being a great Mum to such a gorgeous wee man. I know some people think it's silly to think others can see a family resemblence so early... but seriously.. I see it. he is so gorgeous and definietly one of you all!

And the tears and weepiness. It's OKAY. It'll pass. I promise you one night you will go to bed crying and the next day it'll be like the flick of a switch. You'll wake feeling like a brand new lady. It's not just the 2 or 3 day blues - it can last so much longer.
hang in there!


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