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August 10, 2006


Erica Glover

Ooooooh, I have tears in my eyes! Wow Trina, he is absolutely gorgeous, what a little sweetie. Well, not so little - 5kg - WOW!

Huge congrats to you and Andy and Matt and Sarah, he is adorable and I am so happy for you guys!
Erica xx

wendy steward

oh my gosh, how adorable is he...congrats Trina, Andy Matt and Sarah.
omg Trina 22 hours in labour, you must be done in.
take it easy....
congrats congrats congrats


Congratulations - how truly wonderful.
Daniel is ADORABLE but the important question is are you moving to Melbourne. Essendon will need a new ruckman - and at 11 pouds and 57 cms - young Daniel could be just our man :-)
Much love to you all


WELCOME Daniel & CONGRATULATIONS Trina, Andy, Sarah and Matt ... he is gorgeous! But so BIG! So glad all is well with you both ... rest up ... you totally deserve it!

Sue in South Australia


Wow! he is gorgeous!!!!! Welcome to the world Daniel!


FABULOUS!!!!!!! Phew Trina nearly 5kgs WOW!!! He was enjoying himself way too much. LOL

Congrats Andy. Send our love to Trina.xx


Congratulations! Trina and Andy!
He is a gorgeous boy!
5kg WOW!!!!


congratulations Trina and Andy!

Angie Warren

WOW 11 pounds...I guess we won't be calling him wee little Daniel. Andy, please send all my love to Trina and congratualtions on the newest addition to the McClune clan.

Michelle Cryns

Woo Hoo congrat Trina, Andy, Sarah and Matt...11pounds ouch no wounder he wouldn't come out.
Take care and welcome to the world Daniel.

Big Hugs


Woohoo!! Congratulaions to you all! Trina, what a trouper you are... Your little boy is gorgeous, so worth effort. lots of hugs to you all.

Erica L

Congratulations Trina, Andy, Matthew & Sarah
What gorgeous photos, wow 57cm I guess he will be into rugby or basketball.
Hope you all get lots of rest.
So pleased you got another boy :-)

Allie Collyer

Oh Trina, he is gorgeous! Congratulations to you, Andy, Matt and Sarah on Daniel's arrival.



congratulations. What a beautiful big boy. He is adorable. Get lots of rest Trina - you deserve it.



Congratulations Trina and Andy, what a BIG and beautiful little boy you have there.
Well done.


Oh honey. I am so pleased that your new sweet little man is here safe n sound. Sorry things didn't go quite to our plan honey, but congrats on thye galant effort! He is a beauty! Love his name. Huge hugs and snuggles from me, and wow....the pressure is now on to make this baby arrive before midnight tonight....lol

Good on you Andy! Thanks for updating us.....and congrats on another fine looking son! Your a gem!



congratulations to you guys...he's so cute...and big...9lb 10oz was enough for me..

hope to see more pics soon..


He is SO beautiful!!!!!! Congratulations Mclune's :D :D :D Welcome to the world little Daniel :)


11 pounds??? Holy crap! I wouldnt wanna push 11 pounds out the natural way either!

Congratulations Trina, Andy and kids - HAPPY FAMILIES!!

Sally M

Congratulations Trina and family! What a big beautiful boy Daniel Charles is.

Lara Moss

he's absolutely gorgeous. Well done mum, take a break - you'll need it after that effort!


congratulations Trina and Andy on the birth of your new son. All i have to say is OMG 11lb. Hope you recover soon


Huge congrats Trina, Andy, Matt and Sarah. Welcome to the world little Daniel. See to me that is a nice sized baby LOL! (Can you tell mine was huge too) Obviously your body decided to grow him the size of 2 babies this time ;) Thanks Andy for letting us all know and posting the gorgeous pics.


oh he's absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations guys, well done. Take care and rest up Trina


Wow, big congrats Trina. What a great effort. Such a gorgeous wee man. He's making me clucky again!! Must be the day for babies, my sister had a little girl this morning. Well wishes for a speedy recovery from the surgery.


Congratulations Trina! What a huge effort - well done. Great name choice too (my eldest is a Daniel).


Trina,Andy,Matt and Sarah,
CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so thrilled for you all that Daniel is here safe and sound. What a great effort Darl. You did so well and you are both safe and well. Wow....11lb hey? I had a 10lb 4oz girl and she was a week early! I know how you feel Darl. Now rest and enjoy your new darling baby boy and don't even think about 0000's......just go the 000 and they won't last that long either. So pleased, so pleased.....Well done!


OMG! no wonder Trina needed a C section - that's one big lad! congratulations, Trina, Andy and family - he looks grgeous!


What a wonderful husband you have Trina, updating your blog for us so we can all see your beautiful baby boy!!! Can't wait to hear all the gory details!!!LOL Hope you're both well - big hugs!

Amy Bergman

Congratulations Trina and Andy, what a beautiful boy!
Hugs to you all :o)


What a gorgeous wee man!
Congrats :)

Kate Wishnowsky

Congrats Trina and Andy. Have been watching your blog (ok so I'm a lurker sometimes, lol) for news for ages. Enjoy your new family of 5!!!

Love hugs and best wishes,

Kate Wishnowsky


Yay! Great to hear the newest McClune has arrived (see I told you Trina it was going to happen on the full moon!)

Daniel is beautiful. You should be so proud of yourself Trina...22hours of labour is more than anyone should have to bear.


Congratulations to you both Trina and Andy on the arrival of your new baby boy! He is gorgeous, and i just love those cheeks!!


Awww he is just gorgeous! Congrats


so cute ... and he does deserve scrapping time (in a few days)
take care and rest up!! :)


CONGRATULATIONS to the whole family - and welcome to little Daniel
how excited you all must me

Jan P

What a bonny lad you have there McClun Family - Heartiest Congratulations to you all


well done he is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the name BTW

Chrissy Berry

So this is what happens when I get home late from work, I miss all the excitement!! A big congratulations guys, what a gorgeous darling little guy you have there!

Trina you just did not look big enough to be carrying an 11 pounder girl, what an awesome job you've done!!!

Hugs and love!
Chrissy xx


Trina and family well done he's just gorgeous! Hope to see more photo's soon. All the best!


He is absolutely gorgeous!! CONGRATULATIONS Trina and Andy.

so glad he is finally here :o) ((((HUGS))))


kate mason

oh Trina congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an absolute champion!!!!!!!! I cannot believe you laboured for that long. My goodness, Charlotte is 2 months old & only now is 10lb7oz. I cannot imagine carrying a baby of that size. But boy oh boy, he is as gorgeous as ever isn't he? Those cheeks & those cutie pie red lips - very kissable indeed. I wish a speedy recovery for you & lets hope he's a good sleeper, you need some good rest girl. Wow, you are amazing. Love to you & all the family.
Kate xoxo

feebee (Fiona K)

Oh congrats Trina & Andy - he is just absolutely gorgeous!

Now I'm getting all clucky again (I could almost forget that they turn into 3 1/2-year-olds with ATTITUDE!!!)


Congratulations!! He is just adorable!! (think I was WAY off with my weight guess!) Welcome Daniel.


ohhh what a little sweetie i am soo clucky
congratulations to you all on the safe arrival of your very spunky little man!!! :0)

Melanie Harris

Congratulations Trina and family. Daniel is a cutie.


congratulations trina & andy!! i can't believe how big he is - 11lb??? no wonder you needed a c-section!! ((((hugs))))


Congratulations guys!!


Congratulations Trina , Andy , Matthew and Sarah !! A big Welcome to little Daniel!! .. HUGZ

Kelly Slattery

Congratulations Trina & Andy - gorgeous boy you've got there! Wishing you a speedy recovery Trina :o)


Congratulations, he is totally adorable...........warmest wishes and hugs coming your way.



Congratulations on the safe arrival of Daniel - what a precious BIG bundle he is. Take it easy and enjoy your quiet time together before you head home :)

Robyn W

wow....congratulations to you all !
loving the first pic there, looking berry cute
but boy he is a bigun !!!!

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