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July 26, 2006


Veronica Storey

I pick 5th August, so the cousins can share a birthday.
9lb 8oz, (I can't remember what that is in grams around 3900gm's I think).
A girl, (Although a boy would be NEAT)
I can't wait.


boy, Aug 4, 8lb 1 - Good luck!!!


3rd August
8lb 4oz

hmmm can we have a few guesses please.

Had to laugh about the photos is that not always the way - dratted murphy's law!

That LOL is lovely - you know what I always notice in the pics of Matthew and Sarah together is just how much they love each other (trust me there are pics of me with my siblings that do not show that)

BTW any luck on names

What about Amelia?


Gorgeous layout, Trina! I really admire your work.
I'm guessing boy, August 7th 7lb 12oz - Good luck, can't wait to hear the news!


I Am guessing 8th August (my brother and best friend share this bday), girl (cos I think E's is a boy), 8lb6oz.
Love the LO, you are on a roll.


What a good friend you have helping you out with that spelling mistake Trina!LOL This layout is awesome!!

My guess: Boy, 31st July, 3pm, 9lb 2oz! (sorry about the size)


Hi Trina, love both layouts and love what you did with the photos.
I'm picking the 1st August to be different, you never know if might just come on the day!! (not that mine ever did....lol)
I'll say a girl 7lbs 15oz..............best of luck Trina, don't worry when you get a real contraction 'you will know about it'.....LOL


Hey Trina
Gorgeous pics on that layout.
I'm picking Aug 5, 10.25am, 8lbs 4oz, boy.
Ok so hope to see you in one piece on Saturday!

Donna M

I know you don't want to wait this long, but to share a special day, I pick 9th Aug, 6.30am, boy! 9ib 2oz!!


A BOY! 8lb 11oz (or 4000g) on August 4th, around 1.40am :) All the best for a natural labour, too.

Lara Moss

August 3rd
7lb 7oz


29th July 8lb 4oz and at 9.16am and its gonna be quick!
Good luck! Hope it goes well!


and I pick a boy too.


hi Trina

I'm guessing 10th august, Boy, 9lb 12.5 oz, natural labour


Hi trina,

Good luck.

I'll go
9th August (full moon)
natural labour

Susan J

Love the LO. Too cute. I'm picking the 7th of August too. A girl, weighing 8 pound 10 ounces. A natural labour at 2am.


gorgeous layout

I guess boy, 8th August, 4.30am, 8lbs 7oz



Hope all goes well for you Trina... by the look of you *he's* going to be a big boy lol. (You are about the same size I was with my boys so I feel for you).

10th August
9lb 6oz

Kate Wishnowsky

Ok Trina. You've visited my blog (and boy, what a thrill I got, lol)now it is my turn to post on yours. Here's my guess:

Date: August 10th
Time: 9:35pm
Weight: 9lb 8oz
boy/girl?: Boy

No reason for these, but I have been overdue with both my kidlets (15 days for first, 10 days (and induced) for second) so I know how that feels. Glad you didn't say we had to guess labour time as well (like a certain Ms E, lol). Good luck sweetie. Looking forward to hearing from you...

Kate xxxxx


Hi Trina
I'm guessing boy
Born the same day as Evana's (whenever that may be.)lol
8Ib 12oz
8hr Natural labour.

Elizabeth Munro

8th Aug... girl... 7lb 13oz 1pm


HI Trina, great to see you still doing so well :-)

I'm going to guess:

2nd August 11.55pm

How about Marnie LOL - I like it with McLune. Means "of the sea" if that is any help.



Hi Trina, I bet this pregnancy has been a breeze compared to twins. I have heaps of pity for people preganant with twins and those who make it to the 37 week mark. Our wee boys were very similar weights and 37 weeks also but what a whole new world they bring.

All the best and I'm going to guess ...

6d August
9b 4oz


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