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June 10, 2006


Donna  Meuli

Have at last been able to catch up on all your posts. Really love your layouts! Your layouts are all so different & interesting!! Lovely pics of the kids. Mmmm the 2s. Enough said!! Take care.

Michelle Cryns

OMG Trina I can't beleive no one helped you out that's shocking!!!!!
Love the camera BTW its so cute and little...Jenna's kindy has a cybershot and I just love it...I try and bring it home when I can, unfortunatly I won't be able to do that once Jenna goes to school so i will just have to make do with my cheap Warehouse Kodak one lol!!!

Take care

Lisa Cavanagh

Love the Cybershot...School's just bought 4 and I've had one home for the last wee while playing...it is so much better than our finepix so you made the right choice. The short little video clips are great quality for a 'point and shoot'...now I challenge you to get video on a LO!! (hmmmmm... but the idea could have potential...?!)

Big Hugs to M & S



Yay for the new camera, sorry no one helped, hopefully even though we know everyone who reads this would help and if not this will have reminded everyone to look at situations and be a good samaritan after all you could say no to help if you wanted.
Still feeling a bit cross at those ppl!
Terrible twos LOL love those I work with them everyday, picture 20+ two year olds thank goodness the TTs don't hit at the same time ;P

Lara Moss

what a gorgeous wee camera - love how big the LCD screen is!

Bronny B

OMG I can't believe no one helped you with the fire evacuation procedure. How inconsiderate are people? (Sorry been away a few days hence not reading the previous posts). I adore the tag you made for Evana, just stunning.
Love the camera too. Haven't the price's really come down on wee point and shoot cameras. My first one was 2megapixels and I think we paid about $600 - $700 for it and it takes two photos on a batery charge, hence I never use it LOL. I understand the time lag difference with them, specially after having a digital SLR.
Take care and I hope you are having some you time. Take care, love and hugs
Bronny :)


That is a huge LCD screen! Can't wait to see all the fab new pics Trina! LOL at the funny pictures at the top!


Love the new camera. Isn't it great to have a new toy!

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