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May 18, 2006



LOL I'm such a dah brain!! For some reason your blog (on my puter)has been stuck on April and not updating when you update - till just now when I saw May at the top of the screen. Heres me thinking "whats wrong at Trinas she's still not blogging" when actually I've been missing out on a couple of weeks.

Looks like I've got some catching up to do> LOL

Rachel H

HI Trina
oh looking forward to meeting you + your BIG belly in 8 more sleeps!!!
your kids will love daycare!! mine love it + Taidhg is about to start soon + he's NO.3 I'm feeling a bit nervous about him starting I have to admit though.
I think we will be in for a great weekend!!!

Sally M

The kids will be fine at daycare Trina...you on the other hand hehehe. Iain loves his daycare, and gets very cranky if I go and pick him up early for some reason!

Lara Moss

they are some cool lunchboxes. Enjoy the time it gives you & think about the cool things they will be doing rather than the fact that they aren't with you.


What cute lunch packs! I'm sure both the kids will be fine Trina!!! Oh gosh, you are in for a few weeks of feeling uncomfortable then aren't you!?


Love those lunchboxes...they are soo cute! Just loved that the kids loved their visit to daycare...doesnt make it any easier on you though hey? ouch my sympathies on the large babies ..are you going for another c section or a trial by scar?


Wow 2 weeks. They will love it!! And eventually so will you, especially will give you time when the new baby comes. Isobel loved her daycare. OWIE on the big baby. mmmmmmmm just get Mr Wong to open the zip again huh?? lol Good luck in whatever you decide.

Bronny B.

hi Trina, the kids will love daycare, I know when they first go it is a culture shock for you more than them, but once you are in the routine of it all you will be fine. I hope it all goes well.
Kindest regards
Bronny :)

Donna Meuli

We will allocate you the most comfy bed next wknd - won't we Rach?? As long as your baby doesn't decide it's big enough to enter the world yet!! LOL. Matt & Sarah will love preschool/daycare but I know the sad feeling of driving away the days they are clingy. They are honestly fine minutes after you leave. And you will see them thrive even more.

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