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May 09, 2006



My son Nick use to do the very same thing but he had things called night terrors also which I think are just bad dreams or nitemares. He would come out last at night, walk around the house, have a conversation then go back to bed, and wouldn't remember anything in the morning, weird stuff!...lol


my dd does that she is eight now and she started at about 2 i think... she talks sings and has even been heading out the front door beforein her sleep.. luckily i am a very light sleeper

Marie Noske

Dh used to sleep walk. So far, none of my boys do but one sleeps with his eyes open and they both talk in their sleep, just like me.


That's all a bit scary! Hope you don't have stairs inside!

Sally M

How about a child gate on the bedroom door to keep her safe in there?


Anna started sleepwalking around 5 I think. A bit scary at 2. I have to say Anna negotiated stairs & everything as if she was wide awake. She doesn't do it as much now. I don't know if it's hereditary - I know neither of us did!!


Isobel has done it once or twice too, where she has come out to have a chat and not made any sense. Very strange to see them sleep walk. Can't help about it being hereditary, I wouldn't have a clue.

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