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February 11, 2011



all i can say (along with ALL those photos we hate and all use to inspire us) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you can do it!!!


I didnt see any ugly, just a lot of real and an amazing spirit. Go you x

Julie Clement

What ugly photos? So you are not societies "ideal" image of what a woman should like? So what? Who is? I'd rather be happy and comfortable in my skin than trying to conform to an ideal that just isn't realistic. You are beautiful! I am beautiful! We are all beautiful!


Well done Trina and it's a gorgeous little album


An inspiring story and amazing album Trina.

Michelle Lindenmayer

Thanks for sharing your story Trina - I am sure it will make many women feel like you have told their story too. Good on you - you are an inspiration! Nice album too :-)


A very inspirational story, Trina! Thank you so sharing it with us. Your album is beautiful too.


Thank you for sharing your story and that is an amazing little album.
I am going to check out the book as well.
Good luck with your journey


Wonderful story & amazing album. Good Luck Trina

Kathryn Fraser

a fantastic album and thank you for sharing it and your story with us. great inspiration.

Chris M

Hey mate! Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a struggle with it over Christmas, you've done such an amazing thing losing 30kg! You should be so proud and know that you're winning the fight!!! You go girl!!!! I've lost 22kgs now too! Feels great!!


I think the wee book is an amazing tool.I know just what you mean about those 'ugly' photos - I'm hanging onto a few too! I think we need reminding of how far we've come - and where we don't want to go back to.

Nerrida Mitchell

Hi Trina,
Well I actually came here to congratulate you on being a GD at Websters! (I'm on in September) Woohoo for us. And then I came across this post about your weight loss. Karen Shady and I have recently set up a blog called www.5kilosscrappers.blogspot.com and after reading your story, was wondering if you would mind sharing this post with all the girls who have joined out challenge to help encourage them - some of them are in the obese weight range & really struggle. It would really inspire some of the girls because you look so amazing now. I would be thrilled if you would be OK with this.

PS - have you seen Karen Shady's story - I think you'' love it - its on the blog.

Big hugs,

Karen Shady

Hi Trina... I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story, on your blog, AND on our blog. As someone who has always struggled with my weight, I totally understand every word you say :) I have lost 50 kg in the last 11 months, and am hoping that by me, and wonderful, inspirational people like you sharing our stories, we may inspire other people to take control of this 'food demon' LOL.

Oh, and cant leave without saying how much I LOVE your work

Karen xx

Sophia Allison

I totally know how you feel...

I also decided to do something about my weight last year Jan, and joined Weigh-less, have lost 20kgs and reached my goal weight, now I have to maintain. It had to be a life changing issue for me of what I eat too...


Thanks for sharing your story. It is an inspiration. My 2nd baby was over 12 lbs & I have always used that as my excuse. I need to get motivated and get back on track.

Tanya Tahir

What an amazing journey, Trina! You are an inspiration :)


Cu siguranta am sa mai revin pe aici. Felciitari pentru articol

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